Tangy avocado & salmon pasta salad

Ingredients for two (multiply accordingly for more people)



spices & herbs

1 avocado, ripe

1-2 tomato(es), small, firm, chopped in small quarters 

1-2 slice(s) of smoked salmon, cut into small strips/squares

a little dash of fresh lemon juice

100 gr pasta per person, I find using Farfalles by Barilla is the best option, or their smaller version Farfallines (both butterfly shaped)

olive oil

pasta mixed herbs (mix of dehydrated tomato, shallots and basil, if you can't find this, blend your own or use a 'steack pepper' blend


salt &pepper

fresh basil

Preparing It

Cook the pasta for the indicated time (approx. 10 mn which leaves you time for chopping the other ingredients). Mix the chopped tomatoes with the herbs, basil (also chopped), salt, pepper and 1-2 tablespoons olive oil. Add the sliced avocado (sprinkled  with lemon to prevent its going black) and salmon, don't add any salt at this point, as the salmon is pretty salty already.

Once the pasta's ready, drain and add still warm to the mix, give it a good stir, add another tbspoon of olive oil and tabasco to taste (this is the tangy bit). 

This cool salad is perfect for summer days and in the winter, if you serve it still warm, it makes a nice starter or a lighter course which spicy edge will warm you up.

Bon appétit!